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Bubba Muse
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Because there's so much of it, The Daily Muse
has chosen to give Bubba even more space...

Bubba's budget
Dollar Bill
     Sure, President Clinton's brand spanking new $1.7 trillion budget includes the usual billions for weapons, welfare and highways, but here are some of the package's more revealing spending proposals:

  • $89,000 for Starbucks coffee. ("Good to the last dime.")
  • $64,000 for Bill and Hill look-alikes, for when the process servers show up at the White House looking to make special deliveries...
  • $134,000 for towels. (They keep disappearing from the Lincoln Bathroom.)

  • Hot plan Bill Clinton

         Preparing for his State of the Union address, President Clinton briefly considered a bold move to find the $130 billion or so needed to reach a balanced budget deal with Congress.
         Details were sketchy, but rumor had it that the plan involved a really big coffee bash at his place...

    His undoing?

         Didn't you just adore Hillary's impromptu sing-along-on the Rosie O'Donnell show?
         After all, she couldn't let herself be outdone in the Entertainer of the Year contest against her hubster the Bubster, who recently starred as himself in a made-for-TV movie about a powerful man who gets caught with his pants down...

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