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Writings to and about
The Daily Muse

*"I make a point of checking this page every day. It is bipartisan, acerbic and extremely witty. Keep up the good work!"--Ann Speaker

*"An irreverent compendium of one-liners, links to real and fake web sites, and anti-establishment musings on the American political scene. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, or None Of The Above, the Muse proves that irony is not a dead art. Frequently updated and well-illustrated, it's a good antidote for news you'll read elsewhere. Read it, right after you've visited the latest Dilbert cartoon in the Dilbert Zone." --Carole Leita, Librarians' Index to the Internet

USA Today Hot Site

*"Despite some doomsday predictions about the health of Web publishing, many publications are not only going strong but getting better and better. Like the daily muse, for instance. Which on any given day will take on anybody from AOL's Steve Case to Bill Clinton.!"--USA Today Hot Sites

NetGuide Gold Site

*"Everyone's fair game to the daily muse -- but especially politicians. This satirical magazine lampoons the White House (see Bubba Muse) and Congress (Good Newt, Bad Newt) alike. Just for good measure, the muse also gives Bill Gates a shellacking. Frequently updated and well-illustrated, the muse is a good antidote for news you'll read elsewhere."--NetGuide's Best of the Web4 stars

L.A. Times Cutting Edge

*"For a wry look at current events, check out the Daily Muse...There's coverage of the presidential campaign, the TWA crash and the O.J. Simpson civil trial--all with a twist.!" --Los Angeles Times Cutting Edge

*"A recent visit yielded pages and pages of current, original material, making us suspect this Web-based publication may have something more than a Web server and an HTML jockey going for it. Perhaps a staff of dedicated writers?"--Paul Bacon, Most Popular Web Sites, the Best of the Net from A2Z (Lycos Press)

CQ Site of the Day

* "This online 'zine features plenty of well-written political opinion, along with a solid, attractive layout. Be sure to check out the Debate '96 area."--Congressional Quarterly's American Voter '96

* "It's not Democrat, it's not Republican--at least if it is, I can't tell. It seems to dislike both parties..."--Mootweb's All The News That's Fit to cut

*"The Daily Muse page puts a unique spin on the daily news, with a dose of satire and commentary from the author's point of view. Visitors can expect some bitter political humor and cynicism that spews equally on the pretensions of the left and right.--Lycos A2Z

* the net magazine "No cow is too sacred for The Daily Muse, an irreverent compendium of one-liners, wry links and anti-establishment musings on the American political scene. Whether you're rooting for Dole, Clinton, Lamm, or None Of The Above, the Muse is bound to win your vote. (Quasi-political notables and wannabes like Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Hillary Rodham, Ross Perot all come in for some joshing too.) But wait, there's more: Worldly, Bubba, and Sporting Muses, among others, are your links to other eminently teasable subjects, lying in wait to tickle your political funnybone."

* Magellan 3 Star Site "It's a morph-fest. It's no beau geste. It's Dole in full Elvis regalia -- and so much more! Dolesville is anything but, thanks to the wit and design skills of the estimable Daily Muse staff. Musers satirize, hyperlink, and enhance Dole's most incomprehensible blatherings for the liberal reader's gratuitous pleasure. Dole on dissing the NAACP: 'We'll have other opportunities to speak to audiences I think I can relate to.' Dolesville on the latest Dole bite: 'Like born-again KKK lung-cancer victims?' Good stuff."

Tripod, tools for life *"Outside of Tripod, I've been having a lot of fun rediscovering Feed and The Daily Muse, both of which cover current events and politics with insight, humor and a lot of cheeky style." --Randy Williams, Work & Money Editor, Tripod

* "...It is biting, funny, and generally prints a lot of things people probably are thinking but are afraid to say. Yes, even the graphics come alive with a flashy display of our first cousin, MSNBC. And while making fun of everything, 'Muse' provides links to many sites to prove its point. But can you NBC4 Washington believe the 'zine' would go so far as to suggest Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates would muscle in on NBC's programming? Primary Colors, the campaign, Bill & Hillary, the news - everything is fair game. Look in on a local page that seems to be a mix of Will Rogers, Jr., Mad Magazine, and Mark Russell. The Daily Muse is a wrap-up of the good, bad and ugly of Washington - well, mostly the bad and ugly. Bookmark it for a chuckle or two. The page does have one major drawback - you can't wrap fish in it."-- I.J. Hudson, NBC4, Washington, D.C.

* "One of the best humor 'Zines' I've come across to date. A fresh look at the news and current events in a way I can relate. Doesn't look like any sides are taken or sacred cows are spared. Worth getting DAILY!!"-- The Comedy Zone

*"The Daily Muse takes your daily news and seizes upon the foolish and absurd. Where it finds excessive sobriety, particularly in the noble realm of politics, it brandishes its sword of irreverence. It's proving to be an increasingly hot site for those who love seeing figures of power skewered. Even when the wit does not flow, an image of, say, Bob Dole as Elvis sort of puts the universe in perspective."--iGuide Net Reviews

*"The Muse is great. I was dependent on the 'Washington Compost' for my political humor...they ended and I was fortunate to find the MUSE. I think I found it thru a search for political humor. I really liked the picture of the Cessna shot down by Castro....I cried for 10 minutes. Keep up the great work...I check the site out daily and love to share it with others."--David Faerber of Louisiana

*"This site is funny (really funny). A hell of a lot funnier than certain other daily sites that take themselves just a little too seriously. We know who we'd rather share our morning coffee with."--Heather Irwin of The Netizen

*"Much funnier than we could ever hope to be, The Daily Muse is a daily look at a current event. No one seems to know if it is the product of one person or a group, but nonetheless, it is amusing as hell. Though mostly political in nature, it does cover certain entertainment news such as Madonna's pregnancy and Princess Di with the Beatles. When you go there, make sure to check out the infamous Bill Gates@NBC - Must C:\TV! Hilarious stuff. The first place we go everyday." --ALR Advocate

*"It's irreverent and goofy, so enter laughing."-- Magellan 3 Star Site

*"...the ingenuity of this site and its links to semi-related pages should make it a joy for anyone even vaguely familiar with the worlds of television and computers."-- Magellan 3-Star Site review for Bill Gates@NBC--It's Must C:\ TV

*"I'm an occasional reader of The Daily Muse. Perhaps you don't get much mail because we are intimidated by your wit. I do enjoy your humor, which is much more sophisticated than the usual fare. You prove that irony is not a dead art. I also enjoy the improbable links you provide--e.g., to the embryo site. And who would have suspected that Muncie had a Website? Who would have looked? So, keep up the good work. And remember that as we plummet toward the election, the material can only get better! You can start bashing Clinton again."--Olley from Indiana

* "I am beginning to depend on an everyday hit of the Daily Muse, just to crack a smile in our recent world. I have it in my 'Daily' Bookmark section, and it's a great way to start the day. Keep up the good work!" --Z. Sztaray-Kountz

The New York times CyberTimes
*"Turns out Hillary Clinton was a Girl Scout. Strange but true. Where did she go wrong? It seems the Daily Muse, a satirical Webzine with National Lampoon overtones, has allegedly uncovered an incriminating note written from Hillary to her hubby. She knew that he knew that she knew, or some such. While Congressional investigators struggle to ascertain the authenticity of the letter, the Muse will continue to publish the facts...and the photos to prove it."--Gary Brickman, The New York Times CyberTimes

Inter@active Week Site of the Week binoculars logo

*"There are 'zines and there are 'zines, but none is exactly the daily muse. One of the small gems of online attitude, this site has become my once-a-week humor jolt. This kind of site is a great use for the Net: Short but sweet set pieces on topical stories ripped from today's headlines. The pub's but a single page, and the graphics are high-quality and load slowly, but it's worth the wait. The writers have no respect for anyone, and the results are predictably hilarious. For example, here you'll find their take on the inevitable results of Bill Gates' ascendancy to Ruler of NBC. Be sure to follow down the links the muse provides. How else would you find, for example, the Lisa Marie Home Page, purporting to disclose evidence that Ms. Presley is an impostor? The segments change fairly regularly, so it's worth a weekly look, and a cherished place on your browser's hot list."--Gary A. Bolles, Inter@active Week

*"If you must pigeonhole The Daily Muse, try a catch-all action phrase like 'surf, smirk and, perhaps by accident, learn something.' A new form of 'infotainment' only possible on the Web, The Daily Muse is built on barbs delivered at names in the news, and links (some new, some dated) to many interesting and seldom visited Web sites...(The Muse) demonstrates that some of the best publishing sites on the Web are those that are founded on a purposeful idea and constructed from entertaining, informative and well-written editorial content." --Joan Kite, Contributing Editor, Interactive Publishing Alert

Microsoft Network Pick of the Day

*"In this rundown of news and views, the daily briefs are pastel, the editorials are for the Ritalin-saturated, and the potshots are deadly."-- Microsoft Network logo Pick of the Day

* "I guess no (one) is obligated to engage in serious political thinking, as your page demonstrates."--a reader using an AOL screen name

* "Bringing the traditions of irresponsible journalism to a new medium" is the motto of this satiric zine that debuted on August 31, 1995. The design is quite nice; the sensibility calls to mind a stand-up routine. Diverting but forgettable.--Excite Reviews

*"Online definition of the word 'irreverent.' Gotta stop by and check this out. They even dis their own awards!"--AIMC: The Coffeehouse

*"Great site. I check you guys out right after Dilbert, and just before CNNfn Grapevine. Somehow it seems to put the day in perspective and start it off right."--John Wolfsberger, Jr.

* "The site changes frequently, navigates quickly and offers Groucho Marx meets Photoshop humor." --AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night

* "It's Mad magazine for the Web
- or maybe just Letterman with
hypertext. Whatever it is,
the daily muse roasts all the
celebrities and media mongrels
we're tired of hearing about.
Wondering whether NBC's
nightly lineup will change
now that Bill 'Deep Pockets'
Gates has signed on?
Must C:\ TV says it all." --HotWired: Net Surf

* "As an engineer in this industry, it is a job requirement to spend time 'surfing the Net' as it is so ubiquitously termed. Most of what is out there to be had is tripe, with the occasional impressive Java applet or VRML site. HotWired offers some refuge, as does Epicurious and, of course, The Dilbert Zone (a daily MUST.). It is with pleasure that I am now adding this site to my (short) list of favorites. In this industry few people realize that it is not the medium, but the content, that counts. Two points for you. Good delivery, witty content. I look forward to the next installment." --Joe L., founding member, Engineers for Excessive Bandwidth Utilization

*"In the spirit of Spy magazine and, more recently, Suck, comes 'The Daily Muse', a site that refuses to let you forget that 'Newt' is an exceedingly silly name. Focusing on current events and their accompanying media coverage, this well-written, graphic-rich Web 'zine pokes fun at politicians' doubletalk, celebrities, and anything else worthy of singling out for abuse. 'Some Americans are already in the ... on the ground in Bosnia,' says a blushing Dan Rather during a live newscast, and 'The Daily Muse' won't let him forget it. Sometimes the jokes are a bit predictable, but most of the humor is dead-on. The site is updated frequently." --Point
Point Top 5% of all Web Sites
*"Tired of boring news from the papers and TV? The folks behind the Daily Muse are, and they've done something funny about it. (On our last visit, the site's motto was: 'Vowing to shut down unless our checkbook is balanced.') Visitors get breaking 'stories' like the one saying Princess Di is willing to tour with The Beatles (she's been practicing, we learned). We learned all about the new NBC lineup with Bill Gates in charge ('Must C:/TV') and other political and topical foibles. This place skewers everything and everyone. Simply put, if you have a pulse, you'll find it hard not to laugh here. A welcome addition to the Web's humor archives." --Point

*"The Web is a great place to gather different perspectives on political news. Aside from the print giants that are transferring portions of content to the 'new media,' there are two types of news sites on the Web today. The first type is graphically sophisticated with snippets of real news. The other is less interesting to look at but has more conventional coverage. First, check out The Daily Muse. It's hip, it's cool, it's cryptic, and it is one example of the new breed of Web site that combines news with Generation X attitude. For political news with a more conventional perspective (and Web design), look at the Texas Political Resource Page. This site provides Texas gossip and updates on political events in the Lone Star state." --Laura Dove, PoliticsUSA Web Editor

*"I note with interest the amount of dirt being presented on Steve Forbes now that he is a front-runner. I guess he is part of another minority group (rich) being slammed."--Frank Angelo

*"It's witty, clever, and offbeat. It's what some of us would like our local daily wiper to be like."--Ken's Spiffy Spot

*"The Daily Muse is hilarious. This 'news' sight makes fun of all that is happening in our world today. I plan on making this sight a daily stop on my Internet agenda. Two thumbs up!"--Heather's Cool Cyberspace Links

*"The motto of this political satire Webzine that debuted on August 31, 1995, is 'Bringing the traditions of irresponsible journalism to a new medium.' Unfortunately, while amusing, the irresponsible part is only too true--the who, what, when, where, and why are left unanswered and the only contact is an e-mail address to the editor." -- Excite

*"When the evening news gets a little dreary (and, oh!, does it get dreary), lighten up with the very well-done e-rag 'The Daily Muse'." --USA Today Online

* "I find this particularly offensive. I thought that this was a serious home page! Maybe the new telecommunications bill is NOT such a bad idea after all. Especially if it filters out things like this."--a numbered CompuServe account

*"Some cool stuff. Continue to enjoy doing what you do. The picture of Clinton was neat. Politically right on." --Jim Heald

*"Great job....we're still laughing." --Lifegard, Hit the Beach


*"Hi there folks, I am not in much of a position to evaluate your past work inasmuch as I have just discovered your site today. But I have the sense I will return daily because I am always searching for doses of non-reality to help me through life. I wish that I could pinpoint the time when life became 'serious.' Fun seems to be against the principles of most of those who attempt to rule our daily lives. BTW: I found you through the 'Cool Site of the Day', which I originally found under the 'What's Cool' directory on Netscape. Keep up what seems to be terrific work." --Michael A. Masin

*"Cool, like he didn't do it (Ha, Ha). Those are the answers he would most likely give, too. Funny, but true. Thanx for the article. It was hillarious. Anyone that really believes he didn't do it is an idiot." --James Nichols, regarding The Lost O.J. Interview Tapes

*"Just added a link to your site from the wrecked humor collection's list of other humor sites on the net!! Keep up the great work!!" --Derek Cashman, Editor, Wrecked Humor Collection

* "Thank you, we really enjoyed this!" --Brad Lyman

* "Although I know that disk space is becoming much more inexpensive, that is no reason to waste it on garbage like this. If you don't have anything productive to say then just shut the hell up. This page was just a waste of my time."--jlehrkam

*"In a dark and hostile world, it's comforting to know there are a few brave souls like yourself willing to shine the light of truth no matter what the cost. I salute you and your country salutes you."--the ratman

*"Come on! You could have designed this site a hell of a lot better! What's the big $#*($*( deal having to go through five doors just to get to the main site!!?!" --Henry Wyckoff

We succumb

Idea-well-run-dry days make us realize how much we really appreciate the mail we get from our loyal readers. What's worrisome is that some of them think they're funnier than we are. You decide. Herewith a sampling of their wares:

*"Clinton has already cleared the air on the Yeltsin meeting: They weren't talking about poultry, they were talking about poetry; not about a ban on imports, but bars and 'in-poets.' They want to start a poetry slam series in Moscow pubs next year." --Joseph Richey, cackling on about Chickengate

*"My suggestion, if he really wants to improve his chances, Fig Bar Man for President campaign button Ken Giffey Jr. is to pick Fig Bar Man or perhaps Ken Griffey Jr. Fig Bar Man appeals to the technospeaking net savvy. Sure he's a bit silly, but he's got a better web site than Dole. Ken Griffey Jr. appeals to the masses, especially the young (and God knows Dole needs that), and he's got Nike backing him." --("You-can-call-me-Hank") Aaron Petry, about Bob Dole's potential running mate.

*"Maybe the CompuServe 'Stick-It-To-You' experiment is a forecast of future events.
1) Voting by computer becomes reality for the vast majority of Americans, say in the year 2020. 2) The Republican Party has previously bought CompuServe, AOL, and three other major service providers. 3) The Re-Pubs send everyone in America a 'free trial disk' just before a national election. 4) The disk gives the user their free trial offer, but it also plants a virus while the user is trying to pry it out of their computer's drive bay. 5) When the person goes on-line to vote, whatever selection they make, the virus votes Republican. 6) The virus filters all feedback, so the voter sees a false output reflecting who they THINK they voted for. 7) The virus self-destructs, taking Windows 2015 with it--Some good...Some bad--it's a fair trade!...And everyone ends up with a free diskette! WOW!!"--sledge (as in sister or hammer, take your pick), about CompuServe's stuck-up offer.

Once again, some of you think you're funny

"U do know why Bill came out against same sex marriages.......he thought it meant you had to have sex with the same person you married..."
No, this bit of cuteness did not come from a Bob Dole stump speech, but from loyal Muse subscriber Richard Fettig.
Richard--if that really is your name--don't quit your night job, especially if you're earning minimum wage. After all, thanks to Congress, you're about to get a 90-cent-per-hour raise!

And now for a word from Rich Moellers, another 'scriber who confesses: "Hiya. I'm from Arkansas, where I am a news director and part owner of two radio stations. Most everybody 'round these parts is shakin' in their Keds wondering if Kenneth Starr is gonna get them next. Lucky for me...the two bankers who go on trial next month are from a neighboring county. So I get LOCAL news from Whitewater. One going around: When Clinton was first seemed a lot of his buddies followed him to the White House. Now it appears most are headed for the Big House."
First, it seems curious that only people named Rich are writing. Second, Arkansas Rich may want to contact Minimum Wage Rich about forming a support group for people who won't be invited to a White House dinner anytime soon.

* Yes, you too can be subjected to this kind of ridicule--ahem--fun.

Finally, a few readers were really worried that our April Fool's edition meant The Daily Muse was gone forever:

"I am inconsolable...I've only been on the Internet for about
two months, and you're leaving me already! My second husband didn't
get this kind of dedication from me. Say it ain't so."--Sara

"Guess I'll go delete the bookmark."--John C. Gordon

"Now, what will I view each A.M. after turning my computer on?...
Maybe after a sabbatical you will consider returning...goodness, look
how many times Freddy Kruger managed to re-appear.
Later..."--Mike Howard

Admire our fine awards

Wait, there's lots more Muse to see...

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