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NBC logoThe New NBC Lineup

Imagine, if you will, the NBC lineup, when Bill Gates, the network's new ruler, takes over programming duties:

*"Friends of Bill"
Rachel: "Bill, you're such a dork!"
Bill: "You're fired!"

*"Frasier & Gates"
Bill: "Eddie, `Speak!...Speak!' "
Eddie: (silence, rolls his eyes)
Bill: "That dog is fired!"
(Off-screen sound of Bill's leg being used as a fire hydrant)

*"Seinfeld," starring Jerry's new buddy, Bill

Bill: "Let's make this show about something."
Jerry: "You can't. This show is about nothin'."
Bill: "You're fired!"

*"Bill's Nightly News" (co-starring Gates groupie Tom Brokaw)

*Bill's "E.R." (The Billster saves lives each week)
0 Bill: "Dr. Ross, you're fired!"
Dr. Doug Ross: "You can't fire me, I've already been fired!"
Bill (turning to Producer Michael Crichton): "OK, you're fired!"

*"Saturday Night Live"
Saturday Night Live
(This week, in his 200th appearance as guest host--you guessed it--Billy Baby!)

(Bill's holding no grudges against The Daily Muse, an Microsoft Network logo Pick of the Day!)

Bill Gates, Cable Guy
He'll hook you
(up) in no time...

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