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Bubba Muse
The Daily Muse
brings you...the beginning of the end of Bill Clinton's final term

Bill, Newt, Al, Chelsea and Hillary
They're baaaack!
     For a nanosecond, Newt joins Bill, Al and the First Clan in setting aside partisan politics. And The Daily Muse was there to record it for all time...

President Bill's clenched jaw
     Re-president Bill, sporting a new look for the pre-millenium, vows to keep his jaw clenched until that bridge to you-know-where is built. (Dental experts warn prolonged clenching could ruin his bridge-

Bob Dole on Bubba's TelePrompTer
     Somehow, despite the feel-
goodiness of last week's ceremony where he received the Medal of Freedom from Bill Clinton, Bob Dole still managed to interrupt the president's inauguration speech by invading his TelePrompTer...

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