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In search of the truth,
The Daily Muse
takes a gander at this thing called...

Filegate Filing Cabinet

Does the White House need a better filing system or what?
First, Clinton aides looked and looked but failed to find some Whitewater-related documents--until magic-like they re-appeared (covered with Hillary's fingerprints) in an office ever so close to the First Madam's.
Now Clinton and his underlings are in more hot water for checking out background files at the J. Edgar Hoover Public Library on James Baker and some other Republicans--a no-no unseen since Richard Nixon took leaks in the Oval Office.
Of course, the Republicans are holding hearings despite White House Chief Staffer Leon Panetta's Sunday confession that "a mistake has been made here. We promise not do it again. Now leave us alone--we're busy."
Perhaps the prez and his men (and women) should just start over. Empty out those filing cabinets, toss the contents out on the White House lawn and have a big bonfire.(On second thought, maybe that image wouldn't go over well in light of the awful church burnings down South.)
OK, OK. Maybe Ollie North and Fawn Hall could be brought in as consultants on proper file handling...

Too hot to handle

Despite her last name, Janet Reno is no gambler, at least not if she can help it. So it's a wonder it took the nation's top cop two whole days to lob the Filegate hot potato back to Special-Oh-So-Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr.
Janet Reno
At first, Reno had agreed to have her Justice Department poke into the pilfering--by Clinton military-political aides--of FBI background files on ex-White House pass holders. (Too bad they had to stop their "routine security checks" at the letter 'G'. Otherwise they would have been looking at Nancy Reagan's personal stuff. Come to think of it, maybe it's better they didn't get that far...)
Well, it didn't take long for Reno to change her mind. Of her own free will, Reno came to the conclusion that it would be a conflict of interest for the DOJ to be looking into something the FBI had its own hands (or at least a couple of fingers) in. A fox-hen house comparison comes to mind.
So now, if the federal court gives its blessing, Starr (Ringo's distant cousin) will throw the background file fiasco into the pile o'cases he's stacking up against the Bubster and the First Missus (Whitewatergate, Travelodgegate, Iran-contra, et al) and see where the crap lands.
But for now, at least, Reno's going to keep her den craps-free...

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